Postgraduate Tutoring

Whether you’re studying for a professional qualification, MA or PhD, Larkin Tutors know what it takes to succeed. From planning a master’s dissertation to proofreading and editing a final draft of a doctoral thesis, we work collaboratively with students to elevate standards of written English and hone research skills. We are happy to help with English writing skills, referencing, finding sources, creating reading lists, and formatting your work.

What we do

Written language support

Whether you are writing a master’s dissertation, PhD thesis, journal article, or essay, we can work with you to improve your academic writing and English language skills.

Research training

The ability to conduct productive research is vital to success in postgraduate studies. We can help you to hone your research skills by working on how to gather sources effectively and efficiently, analyse sources to judge their relevance, and how to think and write reflectively.

Presentation skills

An important part of postgraduate study often involves sharing your research findings with your peers. We can help to prepare you for this daunting task by proofreading your presentation slides or poster, ensuring your ideas are effectively communicated, and improving your overall presentation technique.

Viva preparation

We know preparing for the viva can be a stressful time. Although every viva is different, we can help to ease your worries by assisting you to feel as prepared as you can be. We can advise you on what to expect in the viva, useful revision techniques, and provide you with the opportunity to practice discussing your research.

It's more than just written work


A postgraduate qualification involves more than written dissertations and theses. At times, the workload can seem overwhelming. Students are often juggling research, teaching, conference presentations, publishing, and additional research training. Our tutors have first-hand experience of these demands and can work with you to improve your written work, whilst also offering guidance to help manage your workload effectively.

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