Undergraduate Tutoring

 Our undergraduate tuition sessions are tailor-made to suit your individual needs. We work collaboratively with students to elevate standards of written English and hone research skills. We are happy to help with English writing skills, development of essay structure, research techniques, exam preparation, and presentation skills. 

Essay development

Writing essays play a vital role in your studies. We can work with you to improve your academic writing and English language skills. This can include helping you to develop essay plans, structure your essays, and improve your written expression.

Research training

The ability to conduct productive research is vital to success in your studies. We can help you to hone your research skills by working on how to gather sources effectively and efficiently, analyse sources to judge their relevance, and how to think and write reflectively.

Presentation skills

An important part of undergraduate study often involves creating and delivering presentations. We can help to prepare you for this daunting task by proofreading your presentation slides or poster, ensuring your ideas are effectively communicated, and improving your overall presentation technique.

Exam Preparation

The ability to express what you have learned under pressure in an exam can seem like an impossible task. We can help you to improve your performance in exams by working with you on revision skills, exam room techniques, and practice papers. 

Study Skills sessions designed for you


Most students haven’t had chance to hone their academic skills by the time they reach university. We’ll create a tailored plan to improve your research, planning, writing, and exam preparations skills. We’ll help you to develop skills that will come in useful throughout your career. 

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