Job and university applications

At Larkin Tutors, we offer a range of professional writing services to help advance your academic ambitions and career.

What we do

career progression

  • Bespoke CV writing
  • Cover letters
  • CV proofreading and correction
  • LinkedIn profiles

Academic progression

  • UCAS personal statements
  • Postgraduate applications
  • Application proofreading and correction

career progression


A CV is an essential selling tool needed to stand out in the overcrowded job market. A professionally written CV and cover letter can help you secure more interviews and job offers. 

We work with you to highlight your strengths and achievements, whilst tailoring your CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile to the types of roles you are applying for. 


Academic and university applications

Looking to apply to university as an undergraduate or postgraduate?

We work with you to perfect your university application and give you the best chance at landing your top choice or that sought-after scholarship!

 We will draw attention to your qualifications and skills to highlight why you’d make a great student.  


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